Mexico offers a vast diversity of open capabilities.
Whether you are looking for one specific process or a full integration we can connect you with the right Contract Manufacturers. From fabrication to assembly, all the way to your step door.

There are a ton of open capacities for you to look at. We look at contract manufacturers as fabricators and integrators. Some of the most popular fabrications are: castings, sheet metal, machining, extrusions, injections and metal fab. You’ll find many secondary processes as well, including: powder, liquid and e-coating, anodizing, plating, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a complete assembly, you can have it. There is a wide base of electronic oriented CM’s (pcb’s, harnesses and cables, consumers, etc); kitting, fulfillment, among many other capabilities that are readily available.

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One important aspect, is that you can have all of your production delivered to your step door, this means you won’t have to deal with customs nor logistics. If you are looking for a complete assembly, most of the CM’s will act as the integrators and will take care of your supply chain, even if that means outsourcing another CM.

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