Mexico represents a big market for companies that want to supply the industial base. From automotive to aerospace, metal-mechanic and medical devices, the supply chain is long and always looking for better prices

Mexico has more than 5,000 manufacturing industries that buy all type of raw and assembled products. If you are looking to know the feasibility to supply the Mexican market, we can certainly help.

Mexico as a country is divided into different regions, and each one of them has different potential and vocations. While Northwest has been for decades very strong in terms of aerospace and medical devices, South area (known as “el Bajio”) continues to grow in terms of automotive industry. Guadalajara is better known for its electronic and software related industry.

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Whether you want to target OEM’s, a tier 1 or tier 2 supplier, we are to help you. We would conduct a study to know the potential of your market and if there is a fit we can also run as your reps Mexico.

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