Looking to re-source your supply chain from China or the US? As companies understand that China has steadily increased its prices, plus cultural barriers together with longer lead times, sometimes the best bet is to look south.

- Castings
- Machining
- Plastic injection / blow molding
- Pcb's - Harnesses
- Kitting
- Wood/textil related
- You name it (the list is wide)

If you are buying your components in China or the US, chances are you can buy them at a better price in Mexico. Long, medium or, even, small runs can be sourced South of the border. Although it is not with 100% of the cases, you will find better prices because of lower labor costs. What you want to consider is not only landing cost, but 1) better quality, 2) certainty (trade war exemption) and 3) quicker lead times.

Plastic related, metal, wood, or just as any kind of material base, we can do a screening in Mexico to find the best companies for you to partner with. We’d narrow down the list, so you can have the closest, certified, more capacity or whatever criteria applies best to your needs.

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It doesn’t matter if you are high volume or low-volume/high-mix, you want to save on costs. Our objective is simple: to empower North American manufacturers to more effectively source direct materials in Mexico, based on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) supply management approach.

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